12 Days of Christmas: Inbound Marketing Style - Day 10

December 17, 2013

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Posted by Tami Wessley

12 days of christmas day 10 tweetsOn the 10th Day of inbound…

We don’t have lords-a-leaping, but we have the next best thing: tweets-a-tweeting! Many B2B marketers ignore Twitter because – face it – the twitterverse is largely consumer- focused. But there’s likely not a single media outlet that isn’t paying attention to Twitter. Industry publications, associations, aggregators and even national broadcasters are actively following topics and looking for editorial opportunities on Twitter. It’s a great opportunity for specialty manufacturers and professional services organizations to promote their blogs and regularly draw attention to their press releases and content offers.

Ten tweets a week may seem like a lot but it’s about the absolute minimum. How many tweets show up in your feed at any one time? Not many. Now, how often do you look at your stream – maybe twice a day? If your tweets aren’t hitting your prospects’ streams at exactly the same time they’re looking, they probably won’t see them because only fraction of your potential audience sees your tweet at any given moment.

Promoting fresh content at least twice a day increases your reach. Further broaden your visibility by incorporating #hashtags to your tweets and @replying to relevant content. And don’t be afraid to repromote! If a percentage of your audience saw your tweet the first time, you’ll likely pick up more sets of eyes each time you retweet content you’ve share.

Social media performs the best when your platforms are playing well together. There’s a reason LinkedIn allows you to automatically post your status updates to Twitter: cross-promoting content amplifies your message, increasing your potential lead conversions.

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