Weidert Wednesday: Killer Blog Topics — A Content Queens Tell-All!

April 18, 2018

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Posted by Meg Hoppe


Creating content is a blessing and a curse for regular bloggers. On the one hand, new posts keep your blog relevant. On the other, there’s having to write those posts — even when it feels like a fresh idea can’t be had.

Don’t despair! The Content Queens have been challenged but never beaten by the blank page, and we’re here to make sure you aren’t either.

Believe it or not, there are dozens of solid, informative and audience-engaging blog topics around you all the time — you just need to know where to look.

5 Sources For Blog Topics You Didn’t Know You Had

1. Your company’s sales team. The people on the “front lines” are a wealth of information. They routinely hear firsthand about the obstacles prospects face in growing their businesses, and questions they have related to buying your product or service.

2. Trade journals, websites and forums. You can’t beat industry buzz as a guide for your own blog schedule. Be careful not to simply mirror the topics, though. Find a new angle or fresh perspective that makes the topic your own and perhaps more closely aligned with your audience.

3. Internal SMEs. Subject matter experts (SMEs) in Engineering, R&D, Quality Assurance and other departments are tasked with understanding what’s on the minds of product buyers and users, and creating products to meet their needs. As specialists, SMEs can offer topic ideas from their particular areas of expertise, which can make for blogging gold and possibly fodder for advanced content pieces, like an eBook or white paper.

4. Your competitors. Yeah, we said it: your competitors. Knowing what’s on their radar will help you gauge if what you’re focusing on is in line with industry chatter. While some of your competitors’ posts may inspire you to explore certain topics further, this is NOT an open invitation to cut-and-paste content. Plagiarism doesn’t benefit anyone and it’s, you know, illegal.

5. Data. Compiling statistics that prospects find useful for decision-making is popular among blog readers, especially when the numbers are presented in easy-to-understand formats like “Top 10 Lists” or infographics. Do some research around any industry topic and develop a thought-provoking, “quick hit” post based on what you learned.

There you have it! Five readily available sources for blog topics that you may have overlooked. Speaking of overlooked, are we missing a go-to that you use to develop content? Leave us a comment below!

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Written by Meg Hoppe

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