Our WorkA Mutual Insurance Company

This company partnered with Weidert Group to develop and launch an inbound marketing program that its independent agents could use to market their businesses to prospects. Because independent agents sell multiples lines of insurance, giving them tools to help make them more effective makes the agent/insurance company relationship stronger and can improve sales.


The Problem

Independent insurance agents have little time or resources to devote to marketing; they also have multiple lines of insurance they can sell to their clients. Without some sort of value-added advantage over its competitors, an insurance provider may have trouble remaining top-of-mind to agents as they recommend providers to their clients.

The Goals

Arm agents with tools that improve their business development efforts as a way to strengthen the insurance company’s relationship with those agents. 

The Solution

We first developed reasons for people to come to the insurance company’s site, creating useful information related to commercial and personal lines of insurance. Leads that were attracted to the site to read this content would be funneled to the appropriate agents. Then we developed a program for each of its agents, with customizable blog posts, downloadable content offers, social media posts and email templates, press release templates, news story templates and more. These pieces helped agents attract visitors to their sites and nurture them once they were leads.


The Results

After just 9 months of activity:

  • Total site visits were up 182%; direct traffic was up 334%
  • Leads up 5,600%
  • Visits from social media up 36,000%
  • Doubled the industry average for email opens and quadrupled click-through rates
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