CONTRIBUTE TO OUR BLOG Guest Blogging Criteria 


We welcome guest writers to our blog

Our criteria are pretty simple. Blog posts must:

  • …relate to inbound marketing and/or inbound sales in general or one of its components: SEO, content creation, blogging, social media, lead conversion and nurturing
  • oriented at B2B marketers and/or business owners in complex industries (e.g., industrial manufacturing, distribution, insurance and financial services) 
  • …share something “new” (rather than about something that’s been thoroughly covered, like how to write a good blog headline), or share a fresh idea or unique or helpful point of view on a subject
  • …be intelligent, well-constructed and well-researched (if research is needed)
  • educational and informative; not promoting or endorsing your own product/service
  • …be thoroughly proofed for both grammar and punctuation
  • ...belong exclusively to Weidert Group (i.e. have not have been published on another site previously or in the future)

If editing is needed (at the discretion of our Creative Director) we will either ask for a revision or make edits ourselves before publishing.

We identify all guest bloggers as such and include a link to their sites. Your article must contain no more than two links to your own site. Any statistics must include a source or link and the data be no more than two years old.

We prefer to choose the photos that accompany each piece but if you want to supply an image, please also supply image credit (or demonstrate that you own the image).

We reserve the right to not publish your article if it does not fit our editorial criteria or if our blog calendar changes.

Still interested? Simply fill out the form. We’d love to hear from you!