Inbound Marketing for Industrial Manufacturers

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Learn why inbound marketing makes so much sense for manufacturers and businesses that serve them by reviewing some key topics. 

Inbound Marketing Methodology
Developing Personas
The Buyer's Journey
Components of Inbound Marketing
Does Inbound Marketing work for industrial manufacturers?

Inbound Marketing Methodology

How to attract high-quality industrial leads and turn them into customers.

The inbound methodology is based on all we know about today’s industrial buyers – how they think and act, and more specifically, how they look for and identify the right products and the best partners.

Inbound marketing a guide for industrial manufacturing

The strategies, tactics and tools of inbound marketing are precisely engineered to align with the buyers’ behaviors to effectively attract high-quality prospects to a company’s website, convert them into leads by offering relevant, helpful content and, ultimately, help build relationships that lead to sales opportunities. Each step of the process is customized to the business and its goals. 

Inbound Marketing for Industrial Manufacturers - Attract

Where are today's B2B buyers looking for answers? Online. To connect with its best prospects, a manufacturer’s content must provide insights and knowledge that’s valuable to its prospects and aligned with what they’re searching for.

Lead attraction begins with online content – in the form of business blogging and advanced content like ebooks, videos, tip sheets, etc. – and search engine optimization (making sure your company comes up on the first page of search results), social media engagement, and online PR/media distribution and promotion.

Inbound Marketing for Industrial Manufacturers - Convert

Inbound marketing converts website visitors into leads by giving them valuable content in exchange for their contact and other information, like size of company, vertical markets, and most pressing pain point. By enhancing websites with a well-planned user experience and populating it with valuable content that’s relevant to industrial prospects, we help clients convert more of their traffic (and traffic of a higher quality) into Sales-ready leads.

Inbound Marketing for Industrial Manufacturers - Quantify

Through the power of marketing automation, CRM tools and 2.0 lead management strategies, lead qualification for manufacturers and those who serve them is now easier than ever. We use intelligent form strategies and personalized content to help clients get their best leads to "raise their hands" during the conversion process. Then, using HubSpot lead management tools, we identify which qualified leads are ready to turn over to Sales, and which prospects still need nurturing and support.

Inbound Marketing for Industrial Manufacturers - Nurture

Traditionally, lead nurturing has meant email marketing—newsletters, drip notifications, and updates. With the combined power of marketing automation and content management tools, our approach to nurturing manufacturers’ prospects is increasingly more personalized and sophisticated. Using unified campaigns, we personalize messaging in the prospect's inbox, as they visit website pages, when they engage on social media, and as they read content that’s offered on the website.

Inbound Marketing for Industrial Manufacturers - Analyze

Analysis of your attraction, conversion, qualification, and nurturing efforts are essential to continued improvement and growth. Linking key performance indicators (KPIs) to revenue goals, we continually assess how every component and tactic of your inbound plan is working. No more estimating the value of a print ad or direct mail: with inbound, you know the business impact of every single move you make.

Inbound Marketing for Industrial Manufacturers - Close

A strong closing strategy begins with efficient transfer of leads from Marketing to Sales—we build service level agreements (SLAs) to facilitate this process—and Sales teams are supported with perfectly tuned nurturing efforts throughout the sales process. Using analytics and qualification data, we build advanced lead scoring to help organize and set priorities for the Sales team, helping to create systems of continual improvement.

Inbound Marketing for Industrial Manufacturers - Delight

We help manufacturers and companies that serve them continually provide value to their existing customers in order to foster referrals and generate new upsells. Delighted customers become promoters of your brand, helping enhance lead attraction efforts.


Top 15 questions about inbound marketing


Marketing teams must anticipate what the buyer is thinking and doing at every stage in order to attract them to the website and convert them into a lead. Personas – in-depth overviews of specific target audience members – are an important part of developing the content that aligns with your best prospects’ needs. Only when you fully understand a target’s motivations, skills, reporting relationships, pressures, sensitivities and other facets are you able to offer what they’re searching for.

The Buyer's Journey

Every persona goes on a journey that begins the moment he or she realizes they have a problem, and the path looks like this:

Awareness stage

The buyer knows he has a problem but may not fully understand the scope of it (why/how it’s happening or all the implications) and probably doesn’t know all the solutions that are available.

Consideration stage

The buyer has clarified/defined his specific problem or goal and is beginning to look for and narrow down solution types.

Decision stage

At this stage, he’s identified the most appropriate solution category (the right method or approach) and is preparing to make a vendor decision based on what he’s seen online.

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Component's of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing requires an integrated approach that combines a number of tools and disciplines:


Software allows us to develop and execute workflows that strategically send or present content offers to prospects and leads. 


Both written and visual content are essential to a successful marketing program. From blogs, tip sheets and eBook to white papers, case studies and video, content is and always will be king.

Lead Nurturing

Every person who’s showed interest in a piece of content is assigned to a workflow that methodically and over time presents him or her with relevant content based on the topic they’ve shown interest in.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Once your website starts attracting and converting traffic into leads, it’s important for Marketing and Sales to have a mutually agreed-upon set of protocols that defines when a lead moves from marketing-qualified to sales-qualified, and what steps each is expected to take when.

A Guided Tour of Marketing & Sales Service Level Agreements


Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that ensures the content on your website and in your content aligns with the way prospects are searching for solutions.

The SEO Survival Guide Free eBook


A number of tools are employed to make the entire inbound program work seamlessly; each program is different, so the specific tools used will depend on the client and its goals.

Web Development

A website is your smartest, hardest-working sales tool, and it must be engineered to be a virtual magnet, attracting the right prospects with its design, content and capabilities.

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Does Inbound Work for Industrial Manufacturers?

We can answer this with a resounding and unequivocal “yes.” Our clients have seen growth in traffic, leads and customers that can only be described as tremendous. We have plenty of evidence for you to consider:

Gordon-Flesch Company Case Study
Fisher Tank Case Study

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