Why Recommend Weidert Group?

HubSpot Expertise and Complex B2B Industry Experience

You’re busy! So, here’s the quick snapshot of Weidert Group to help you make a reliable partner agency recommendation:

  • Quick response and attentive client service
  • Full-service, inbound growth agency for complex B2B industries
  • HubSpot partner since 2011, achieved Diamond level in 2020
  • Typical client investment:
    • Initial Plan Development — $30,000-$60,000
    • “Ground Up” Website — starts around $25,000
    • Modify Current Website — $10,000–$25,000
    • Monthly Program — $10,000–$20,000 per month

What’s a Complex Industry?

We’re the go-to agency to help clients with:

  • Big-ticket B2B purchases with long sales cycles
  • Large buying teams
  • Highly considered purchases requiring a major investment and pre-purchase research
  • Complicated distribution channels and go-to-market strategies

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More About

Weidert Group

When you need a partner that can help close a deal quickly and service a customer right (so you're not bothered with follow-up questions), consider Weidert Group.

Of course, fit is everything. Weidert Groups specializes in taking customers in complex B2B industries to the next level; customers in industrial manufacturing, supply chain and distribution, insurance and financial services, for example. 

What do we bring to the inbound marketing table? Expertise in:


Weidert Group

Has What It Takes

  • HubSpot partner since 2011 (achieved Diamond level in 2020)
  • Multiple HubSpot Impact Award winner: 2021 (x2), 2019, 2017
  • Certified Google Partner

Our proposals ARE marketing plans, and our close rate is 75%. When we see the right opportunity, we don’t hesitate. Once engaged, our goal is to implement an inbound strategy that reduces waste (time and money) and improves productivity and quality.

What do our clients have to say about our proposal and sales process?

  • “Great team, very organized, fantastic proposal!” — Bryan
  • “Robust, thorough, appropriate” — Michael
  • “When I started my journey researching inbound marketing, I found answers to my questions on the Weidert website. They used the very inbound marketing methods on me that I needed at my company. Weidert also takes the time to qualify new clients to make sure inbound is a good fit. I am confident that choosing Weidert will be extremely successful for us and them.” — Steve

What Customers 

Fit Best at Weidert Group?

We are selective with whom we work. Here's when we supply the most value...

Business that:

  • sell highly considered purchases requiring a major investment and pre-purchase research
  • have long sales cycles and target decision makers are part of large buying teams
  • have competitive advantages based on expertise that can be communicated within content
  • understand inbound is an investment and can commit to minimum spending levels:
    • Initial Plan Development — First 3- to 4-month foundational period includes inbound plan and playbook, workshops, initial content assets, and HubSpot setup: $25,000–$45,000
    • Website Readiness —
      • Developing a Website From the “Ground Up:” starts around $25,000
      • Modifying a Current Website: $10,000–$25,000
      • Performing Ongoing Improvement: $3,500–$7,000 per month
    • Monthly Program — Content (blogs and advanced content: eBooks, whitepapers, videos, etc.), content promotion (social media, emails, SEO, website optimization), and paid advertising: $10,000–$20,000 per month

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