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Attract high quality leads to scale sales growth



Where are today's B2B buyers looking for answers to their challenges? Online. To connect with its best prospects, a company must develop its website and social media platforms to be helpful resources providing the intelligent insights and knowledge prospects are looking for to keep their companies competitive and thriving.

Weidert Group's lead attraction services emphasize online content publication—in the form of business blogging and advanced content like ebooks, videos, tipsheets, etc.—to attract traffic through search engine optimization (making sure your company comes up on the first page of search results), social media engagement, online PR/media distribution and promotion, and other organic forms of audience growth.


Inbound marketers convert website visitors into leads by trading highly valuable content for a prospect's contact information. By enhancing your website with a well-planned user experience and populating it with relevant and valuable content, we help clients convert more of their traffic (and higher quality traffic) into sales-ready leads.

Using strategic calls-to-action, landing pages, and personalized content (i.e., site messaging that adapts to the visitor viewing), an inbound marketing plan can transform a static website into a dynamic lead generation machine.




Through the power of marketing automation, CRM tools and 2.0 lead management strategies, lead qualification is now easier than ever . We use intelligent form strategies and personalized content to help clients get the best leads to "raise their hands" during the conversion process. Then, using HubSpot lead management tools, we identify which qualified leads are most ready to turn over to Sales, and which prospects still need additional nurturing and support.

Qualification isn't just about data; it's also an essential part of your positioning strategy. How do you define an ideal prospect? What criteria disqualify a B2B lead? Who at a prospective company are the important influencers, and who is the ultimate decision maker, the economic buyer?



While attraction and conversion efforts ensure that your database is full of leads, nurturing is about helping leads get "warmer"—i.e., more sales ready.

Traditionally, lead nurturing has meant email marketing—newsletters, drip notifications, and subscription updates. With the combined power of marketing automation and content management tools, Weidert Group's approach to nurturing is increasingly more personailzed and sophisticated. In our unified campaigns, we personalize messaging in a variety of situations: in the prospect's inbox, as they visit website pages, when they engage on social media, and when reading published articles.

Personalization can be based on a wide range of factors, from the vertical market their company represents, to an individual's title, to the specific problem or pain point that brought them to a site.

Nurturing is critical because well-considered engagement paths encourage leads to move from the top of the sales funnel (or buyer's journey) to a mind frame much closer to a purchase decision. By providing content that helps prospects venture into Consideration and Decision lifecycle stages, we encourage more (and higher quality) leads to move toward closing.



Analysis of your attraction, conversion, qualification, and nurturing efforts are essential to continued growth. By linking key performance indicators (KPIs) to revenue goals, we continually assess how an inbound plan is achieving its goals.

One reason inbound marketing is so much more effective than traditional outbound is because everything digital is measurable. From search engine optimization to how well a specific content piece generates leads, inbound marketers can assess marketing quality and sales-generation quantity at every stage. No more estimating the value of an ad: with inbound, you know the business impact of your marketing efforts. With realtime analytics reporting, you can continually improve and advance your marketing efforts more efficiently.



A strong closing strategy begins with efficient transfer of leads from Marketing to Sales—we build service level agreements (SLAs) to facilitate this process—and sales teams are supported by perfectly tuned nurturing efforts throughout the sales process. Using analytics and qualification data, we build advanced lead scoring to help organize and set priorities for the sales team, helping to create systems of continual improvement.

Ultimately, closing is about turning warm leads into high-value opportunities. We help companies use an inbound approach to create more effective organization for business development. 



We help clients continually provide value to their existing customers to foster referrals and generate new upsell opportunities. Delighted customers become promoters of your brand and evangelists for your marketing efforts, helping to drive your lead attraction process forward.

Sometimes delighting means buying a customer a beer and providing free consultation. For other customers, a monthly newsletter might do the job. Whatever the scale of your delight efforts, we emphasize growth among existing customers to help drive growth in new business categories.